Womens circles in the Womb Room
6:00 pm18:00

Womens circles in the Womb Room


Women’s circle with Sofia in the Womb Room 

We are so happy to be offering these gatherings in the beautiful, sacred Womb Space of Bright and Balanced Living. This is an opportunity for us to gather as women in the rawness and realness of life. We meet in sharing, sounding and singing, we meet to create Earth Magic. The intentions of the circles are to facilitate an authentic and real space for us women to just be and to connect. To connect inwards, to the earth and to strengthen the bonds of sisterhood. 

We come together in the circle with the intention to hold space for one another. We share and listen, trusting each other’s paths and abilities to move forward through our journeys in life. 

Women’s circles are based on the very old ways of meeting with intention to connect to spirit within us and around us. The circles also offer us a sisterhood that many of us have forgotten and that we are now are re-remembering and realising how deep a need it is for us to be in such sacred, safe spaces…

Each circle includes a grounding meditation, an opportunity to share and reflect on the last month, sounding and singing, tea with yummy wholesomeness and other connective practices. 

There is only a limited number of spaces in these circles because of their intimate nature.

Time: 6-9pm Wednesday 14th June 

Place: Bright and Balanced Living, 3/22 Govetts Leap 

Exchange: EARLY BIRD PRICE- BEFORE 12/4- $35, FULL PRICE $40

(If you would love to join us and money is an issue please contact me, as I would love to find a solution that works for both of us.)

Please email: sofia@brightandbalancedliving.com with any questions and to book your place in the circle. Places are limited so book in as soon as possible if you are interested. 


My name is Sofia, and I am very passionate about the empowerment of women through the space of Women Circles. For me Women Circles have been a powerful medicine for many years. It is a space where I have grown into myself more and more, learnt to trust myself by allowing, trusting and flowing with the waves of life. I feel very passionately about this form of gathering, it is a space where we all create beauty and magic together. It’s a space for us to grow and expand both as individuals and together.

Breathwork Group
9:30 am09:30

Breathwork Group

Breathwork is a profound and effective practice for modern day life, where people are itchy for meaning and relevance, and often surrounded by distractions, dissatisfaction, apathy and weariness. It is not just used to resolve pathology and trauma, although it most certainly is a healing process. The real gift of Breathwork is that it opens a clear doorway into greater joy, true peace, and a deep sense of purpose and connection in life that many people are seekIng.

These groups will be held on Friday's, from 9:30am to 12:30pm, sliding scale $45 to $60 (unwaged-waged) these smaller groups allows time for each persons process, max 6 people in each group session. These sessions are open to casual attendance. 

We welcome you all, and look forward to sharing this experience.

Bookings essential! Please call 0422 097 808

Group is facilitated by Eleanor Mann

Nurturing Connection Mother Daughter Circle
2:00 pm14:00

Nurturing Connection Mother Daughter Circle

Nurturing Connection Mother Daughter Circle

We gather in beautiful and sacred space to nurture the connection between mother and daughter. In this circle we create an accepting, empowering, loving and fun space for all participants. The connective, creative, and playful activities we share in this space supports us as individuals, in our relationships and also in our community.  Our dream and vision is for all girls and women to have access to safe spaces where we can explore who we are through connecting both inwards and outwards.  A yummy, sweet and soul nurturing afternoon tea will be provided.

Time: 2-5pm Sunday 12th March

Place: The beautiful Bright and Balanced Living, 3/22 Govetts Leap Road, Blackheath.

Exchange: $55 for a mother/daughter pair.  If you would love to join us but money is an issue please contact us, we would love to find a solution that works for all. 

Email sofia@brightandbalancedliving.comwith any questions and to book your place, places are very limited so book as soon as possible if you are interested.  Bookings close on the 7th of February.


Sofia and Julie both have a long experience of sharing in and holding women's circles. They are both very passionate about creating more nurturing sacred spaces, more accessible for everyone. They feel especially inspired around the need for daughters to have an opportunity to delight in the magic of being a woman, together with their mothers.


Empowerment- The Gathering Series
10:00 am10:00

Empowerment- The Gathering Series

Joyfully announcing our very first
We invite you into an immersive circle to explore the deep theme of EMPOWERMENT. 
This is a three hour long gathering in the light loving wellness space of Bright & Balanced Living in Blackheath with a high vibrational nourishing morning tea included.
Our team will be sharing their personal wisdom, knowledge, passion and perspective on Empowerment. 
Join Erin, Katey, Eleanor, Sofia & Sarah as we explore Empowerment in many healing facets~through breath, self connection, herbal medicine, therapeutic essential oils, energetic medicine and mindfulness. 
This is a themed event & sharing space where our wonderful healing team will unite to discuss a topic & each bring their expertise & wisdom.

Our first gathering is based on & around~
💪🏼🙌🏻Empowerment🙌🏻 💪🏼
💓Sunday 5th March @10am-1pm
💓Bookings essential- limited spots only!
💓Tickets are $50 (this covers a delish morning tea, 3 hours of goodness & 5 speakers)
💓Book via 0478949558 or via info@brightandbalancedliving.com


Mothers Healing Circle
1:45 pm13:45

Mothers Healing Circle

All Mamas are invited to come together to share and honour the multitude of emotions of this Mothering journey. 

As an experienced psychotherapist and group facilitator, Kumari will hold space for you as you nurture and compassionately accept the entirely good enough Mama you already are, and walk in sisterhood towards the Mama you want to grow into.

Together we will grieve, rage, rejoice and share the myriad of vulnerabilities this Mothering journey puts us in touch with, opening doors to self care and self compassion. And together we will experience how self compassion and self care, pave the way to more compassionate, joyful and mindful parenting.

There will be tea and delicious/nutritious treats, creative expressive tasks, aromatherapy, women's / parenting books to borrow and most importantly, the nourishment from a circle of wise Mamas, witnessing, acknowledging and supporting each other in a safe space.

Babes in arms welcome.

Please contact Kumari on 0406 649 499 to book your place for this Friday's group. Places are limited.

Session fees $5-20, you pay what is viable for you at this time.

Monthly Kirtan Gathering
7:00 pm19:00

Monthly Kirtan Gathering

On the first Friday of each month, Bright & Balanced Living is hosting an evening of kirtan, an ancient form of participatory music aimed at aiding meditation and raising vibrational energy. Facilitated by musician, Leon Peter Spencer, these kirtan evenings are a celebration of the divine in musical form. 

What shall people expect? 

Kirtan can be approached as musical yoga, an aid to meditation, devotional performance, or simply a great excuse to sing. Because kirtan is a call-and-response form of musical performance, everyone has the opportunity to get involved and sing together. 

Drawn from the Indian sacred musical tradition, kirtan is usually based around ancient Sanskrit mantras, which are repeated over and over by everyone involved. It’s not necessary to know or fully understand these mantras to benefit from them, as the repetition alone can help to focus and centre the mind for meditation. The mantras themselves are also thought to embody healing and transformational energies.

Kirtan evenings are held in a relaxed and informal setting, and guests have the option of joining in with the singing or simply enjoying the music in silence. Floor seating is offered in the intimate and serene Bright & Balanced Living performance space, so guests should bring along a cushion for added comfort.

Subject to demand, the event will be held on from 7.00pm-8.30pm on the first Friday of each month (starting 3rd June). The price is $10 per person.

BOOK IN!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Space is limited, so it is advisable to RSVP to Leon Peter Spencer via: leonpeterspencer@gmail.com to ensure your place, or call 0409048569. We wouldn’t want you to miss out!