Trevor Wills

Dip. Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies

There is no stronger medicine than your own sensory awareness
— Trevor Wills, founder of BioEnergetic Release Therapy

Since the age of 16, Trevor has been seeking and experientially embodying oriental therapies, aswell as indigenous and western traditions. He harbours a unique and rare capacity to listen to the bio-electrics of the human body in direct relation to the activity of your mind(set). He brings a unique blend of intuition, empathic insight and very perceptive technical skill to his craft with a practice he coined BioEnergetic Release Therapy.

'PsychoSomatic' in practise, 'BioEnergetic' in approach, and 'Deep Ecology' in philosophy, all grounded in a strong relational intimacy with what he terms the "bodyweather" and the "politics" of the Chinese Energy System.

Tracking your psychosomatic responses to his words, without wavering, he locates and unwinds what he calls restrictive holding patterns ("character armour") of your mind-body.

Trevor is skilled in using and facilitating your own awareness to sidestep your cultural and industrial conditioning and enter deep healing states. With your permission, he won't let you escape these states.

Most people are not “present” in their bodies for any longer than 5 seconds at a time. I will keep you in (and returning to) this state for the length of the treatment, the cumulative healing effects of this are vast in scope.
— Trevor Wills

Trevor has achieved consistently high results across a broad range of health issues including depression, addiction, infection, physical pain, trauma release, and chronic fatigue to name a few.

Trevor’s practice of BioEnergetic Release Therapy is a culmination of the following experiential and technical skills:

  • Chinese Energy System

  • Breathwork

  • Acupressure

  • Shamanic Practices

  • Eco-Psycho-Somatic Experiencing

  • Myofascial Release

Trevor’s experience and skills also include

  • Qi Gong facilitation

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Facilitation

  • Deep Ecology Facilitation

  • Shiatsu and Oriental Therapy


Trevor also offers sessions in collaboration with Lindsey Stillwell - offering a unique and powerful 2:1 experience for embodiment, trauma-release and healing.

For more information about Trevor and Lindsey’s collaborative sessions contact Trevor below.


What people are saying

Some of the most effective therapy I’ve ever experienced - truly lasting and empowering. Not only have I experienced relief from physical symptoms but also, most profoundly, I’ve experienced the healing power of my own thought patterns - and this is something I can take with me outside of the treatment room. In the sessions we explore my thought patterns as they directly impact my body. It is truly integrative work - grounded in the body and senses as primary experience. Deeply relaxing, balancing and healing. The sessions work as either as a one-off treatment, or a continued exploration into working deeper with my own body and mind.
— AJ
I’ve had several sessions with Trevor, and readily regard him as a highly skilled practitioner. He has obviously put an enormous amount of energy into developing his skills in this field. I’ve found Trevor to be particularly down-to-earth and straight forward. I would highly recommend Trevor’s therapeutic skills to anyone.
— TB
Truly intelligent, honest healing work. Trevor is brave and talented. Highly recommend if you are ready to meet yourself.
— JB
Trevor is the real deal and lives what he teaches. His style of therapy bridges your awareness to your inner consciousness by helping you to recognize what you’re holding within the body, and he helps you to simply let go. My session left me feeling open, light, calm, and spacious. His unique style of working helps you to release what weighs you down and blocks you. I felt like I embodied my true self more. Thanks Trevor, the world needs you!
— LC
I have experienced a lot of different healing modalities over the years. Trevor’s work was one of the most effective I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His no nonsense approach and integrity was off the charts and I can’t recommend him highly enough.
— SH

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