the womb room


Offering a broad range of tactile therapies to restore, heal and nourish your body and being.

  • Remedial
  • Swedish
  • Deep Tissue
  • Pregnancy 

60 minutes Whole Body Massage                           $90
90 minutes Whole Body Massage                           $125
120 minutes Whole Body Massage                          $160

Whole body massages are adapted to your unique pressure needs and level of muscular tension

60 minutes Magnesium Massage                             $100
A massage where a magnesium cream is use to support the relaxation of your muscles.

120 minutes Smudge and Cleanse Massage     $150
A massage with the intension to clear out old and invite new, using a smudge stick and rattle

90 minutes Pregnancy Massage                               $115                                                                                                                         120 minutes Pregnancy Massage                              $160
A wholesome, nurturing and relaxing massage, design to nourish and give back to you.


A conscious breathing technique that goes way beyond talking therapy and the level of the conscious mind. Breathwork can facilitate expanded states of consciousness and realisation of Self, bringing a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in life; awakening us to the sacred nature of our connectedness. It allows us to clearly see and heal the unconscious and subconscious aspects of the mind that come into play during our interactions with life & is the perfect ally for conscious living. Breathwork connects us with our inner healing impulse & brings us into presence with our bodies, for true resolution of past traumas.

Individual or group sessions available

When you activate your gut feelings and listen to your heartbreak – when you follow the interoceptive pathways to your innermost recesses – things begin to change
-Bessel Van Der Kolk


Providing a unique relationship, a holding space, where you can talk through anything you feel you need to, within a confidential and focused relationship. Generally, people attend counselling to increase their self understanding and make changes in their life, or if life circumstances are challenging counselling can be a place to offload, debrief and start a plan towards managing with greater ease.


Yoga comes from the Vedic tradition and cultivates wellbeing using  postures (asanas), breath awareness (pranayama), relaxation and meditation. Inspired by the different aspects and styles of Yoga,  classes focuses on movement that is nourishing, kind and sustainable. Incorporating asana, pranayama and meditation, Yoga classes are an invitation to listen to your body and come home to yourself.