Sofia Nyman

Cert  Massage Therapist

Sofia offers nurturing and wholesome massage treatments which are deep and flowing with pressure adjusted to your individual needs. Sofia is very passionate about the self-healing abilities of our bodies and she works in a way that supports your body’s innate wisdom.

Sofia’s wide range of theoretical and practical experience (in Sweden, Thailand and Australia) enables her treatment to support your body to relax into the present moment, through the release of muscular tension and relaxation of mind.

The intention in Sofia’s massage is to release muscular tension, to support your body and mind to relax and to connect with yourself.

Massage for: 

  • Relaxation and wellbeing
  • Connecting self with body
  • Relieving muscular tension
  • Support in pregnancy
  • Receiving nurturing  
  • A nurturing rest from everyday life

Massage Menu:

60 minutes Whole Body Massage                           $90
90 minutes Whole Body Massage                           $125
120 minutes Whole Body Massage                          $160
these whole body massages will be adapted to your need of pressure and muscular tension

60 minutes Magnesium Massage                             $100
a massage where a magnesium cream is use to support the relaxation of your muscles.

120 minutes Smudge and Cleanse Massage     $150
a massage with the intension to clear out old and invite new, using a smudge stick and rattle

90 minutes Pregnancy Massage                               $115                                                                                        120 minutes Pregnancy Massage                              $160
a wholesome, nurturing and relaxing massage, discounted because you are giving so much already when pregnant.

Please let Sofia know prior to the Treatment what massage you wish to experience.

Concessions are available when needed.


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