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Sarah Mann


AssocDegClinSci, AdvDipNat, mNHAA

Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Homeopathy

Sarah is a qualified Naturopath and brings great warmth and care to her practice aswell as expertise in Naturopathic Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Homeopathy. She uses a range of modalities that connect to the people in her care,  including herbal, nutritional and homeopathic medicine, lifestyle and awareness practices,  creative exercises and more.

Sarah's focus on holistic and natural healthcare brings her to work with many people with a range of symptoms and conditions in many areas,  including

  • Acute illness and convalescence
  • Healthcare during stress, depletion and fatigue
  • Lifestage and Family Wellness
  • Children's  Healthcare
  • Men's Health and hormonal care
  • Women's health and hormonal care
  • Preconception and fertility
  • Pregnancy and post natal care
  • Immune and Respiratory Health
  • Cleanses and Restorative Healthcare 

Sarah  has a particular affinity for paediatric healthcare and works with children and parents to recognise and support the unique and truly healthy nature of the child to come forward.

At the heart of Sarah's practice is her love of people and her dedication to your individual and greater wellbeing. 

What people are saying

"I had my first appointment with Sarah last week and was totally buzzing afterwards. She helped me find clarity with a current health issue, and has given me a great treatment plan for moving forward"
"I finished feeling deeply nourished on many levels, and emotionally and physically healthier than I'd felt in a long time" - Cleanse participant
"Sarah is a perceptive and generous naturopath, the program she has created is the best I've done, I cannot recommend it any more highly" - Cleanse participant



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