Lindsey Stillwell

Lindsey Stillwell

Grad Dip Therapeutic Arts Practice, Cert Remedial Massage

Lindsey Stillwell is a Therapeutic Arts Practitioner, working holistically across various modalities. She also offers an online course and workshop series on radical self-expression and personal power called SHAMELESS. Having journeyed into the depths of her own trauma, shame and spiritual growth, Lindsey creates a safe space where every part of you is welcome.

As an artist and poetic alchemist, she offers her gifts separately or woven together depending on the needs and desires of her clients.

Her experiences include:

  • Holistic Bodywork & Loving Presence

  • Therapeutic Coaching / Counselling on themes of grief & loss, trauma recovery and healing sexual assault, personal agency and life coaching, and/or LGBTI+ and Queer Identity

  • Sound Alchemy & Music Therapy

  • Individual Tea Ceremony & Insight Readings from the 'I Ching'

  • Group Tea Ceremony & Sound Alchemy sessions

Her clients receive:

  • Release of muscular tension, and deep relaxation

  • Emotional clearing and energetic re-balancing

  • Mental clarity and practical strategies for growth

  • Deepening of self-acceptance and body love

  • Letting go of shame, guilt and limiting beliefs

  • Shifting relationship dynamics and communication

  • Greater levels of personal agency and manifesting your desires

  • Trauma release, sexual re-connection and activation


Lindsey also offers sessions in collaboration with Trevor Wills - offering a unique and powerful 2:1 experience for embodiment, trauma-release and healing.

For more information about Lindsey and Trevor’s collaborative sessions contact Lindsey below.


What people are saying

I understand that I was outsourcing my pain of the abuse I experienced by feeling guilt instead, and stepping into the abuser role with no need. That was huge, and wanted to thank you for work that helped me to wake up and be aware. You are definitely impacting with your work and the universe is supporting all your greatness.
Amazing Holistic Bodywork treatment, a thousand thank you’s. Lindsey’s energetic clearing capacities are indeed unique, which is probably one of the many reasons why they actually work!
So rare to meet healers whom can sensitively and consciously transmute stagnant charge in the pathways of my body. Leading to greater experiential awareness of how we lock our own bodies up, with our conditioned mindsets.... as Lindsey provides awareness, safety and permission to feel our way (the only way) through our trauma, our armour, our fog, our stubbornness, etc etc, to breathe life and fire back into the various forgotten or sealed off catacombs of our whole bodily hearts.
Thank you for your genuine service to the earth and humanity you clearly love so much! Powerful alchemical healing work!
My session today with the divine Lindsey was so amazing I’m actually not sure I can find the words right now to describe it and do it justice! I felt so divinely held during this incredible session as she gently guided me through her unique process. Everything that came up resonated to a ‘t’ and the energy clearing she facilitated was immense! I can still feel my energy buzzing in a really beautiful way! I highly, highly recommend working with this divine being of light, she truly is magical! Deep gratitude to you gorgeous, Lindsey.

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