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Jessica Miller

Certified Doula

Jess is a trained Doula who wishes to honour and celebrate your rite of passage as a woman and mother. She has been a doula for 7 years and has trained in the Rebozo and Sahumador traditions of women’s ceremony and womb work. She supports women and families as they welcome their children into the world.

Jess offers
Doula Care - pregnancy, labour, birth, pre and post natal care and support
Rebozo Ceremony
Sahumador Ceremony
Rites of Passage

Rebozo Ceremony  

The Rebozo 'Closing of the Bones' Ritual is a healing ceremony which stems from a profoundly meaningful postpartum Mexican tradition. It is an intimate, gentle and soothing ceremony. It is a celebration and acknowledges that the mother has been a portal for carrying new life and has walked the threshold between worlds.

The Rebozo ceremony can also be used for healing in many stages of life including the path into menopause, after miscarriage, significant life changes, loss, to close the energy body after shock and trauma, for women who have had their children years and years ago.   

During birth, the body experiences a remarkable opening physically, emotionally and spiritually. Once the new baby is born the body needs to close both physically and energetically to ground and support healing. In this ancient nurturing tradition, the postpartum mother is bathed with carefully selected herbs and her body is gently wrapped with rebozos (cloths) and tucked in blankets. Once closed, the mother is tucked in warm blankets and left to rest where her body and mind can recuperate. The Rebozo ceremony gives the mother the space she needs to call in her own healing abilities, to thank her body for all the hard work it did during pregnancy and childbirth and to process her birth and  reconnect with her body. 

The ceremony can be done solo or with loved ones present.  Your baby is of course welcome and able to be with you.

Doula Care - Pregnancy and Birth Support

As a Doula, Jess’s role is to 'mother the mother' through her passage into motherhood. A doula provides physical and emotional support and education to the mother and family while expecting, in labour and postnatally. A doula's purpose is to hold space for a women as she walks the labyrinth of becoming a mother. A doula also supports the family in this transition, with a gentle reassuring presence and continuity of care. Birth is vast and multifaceted, radiant and mysterious. Birth is one of life's important initiations and Jess honours that process with sacredness and support. Her wish is for every woman and family to feel held during this transformative  time. 

Doula Care includes the following suited to your individual needs and wishes

Initial meeting  (free of charge)
2 -3 meetings before birth discussing birth wishes, options for pregnancy and birth, links to resources and information, discussing fears or concerns and previous experiences
Ongoing support though your pregnancy via phone and email
On Call for you from 38-42 weeks
Support in the early stages of labour and then with you for  the duration of your labour and birth
 2 meetings post birth, debriefing your birth, supporting your family with a meal, rebozo closing of the bones ceremony and offering support for you and your baby

What people are saying

After my third (and last) birth I felt expanded, unseen, raw and so vulnerable. I had such big emotion that kept bubbling up and I had nowhere to channel it. I was trying to process and bring the energy back in but in the midst of caring for 3 babies under 4 years of age ~ the chaos was and is so real, there was no time for me to look after myself and heal. I realised at four months postpartum that something needed to shift for me as I was struggling to deal with how I felt. I reached out to Jess for some held space. The space she intuitively created for me was beyond perfect. It was like I was walking into lush womb space. I felt instantly supported and seen. I had some space and time that was mine to reflect and be really held. I can’t thank this divine woman enough for being there for me in a time when I was feeling so blown out and weak. She enabled me to learn the lessons of all my births and breathe some energy back into my body and womb. When you birth, you open everything that you are (physically, emotionally, mentally) to let your babe come through but on the other end you are then left to pick up the pieces. Having this time and space was the perfect care I needed to heal postnatally and to also end my birthing journey in such a beautiful way.Every woman deserves this kind of sacred space created for her. It should be part of standard postnatal care.

Rebozo Ceremony with Jess
$170 (allow approximately 2 hours time)
Gift certificates also available


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