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We have brought together our favourite healing products, brands and makers to create nourishing gift collections for you and your loved ones this Summer season! Four beautiful offerings each named after their botanical muse, and three offerings from our practitioners.



soothing - enfolding - calm - centre

Serenity Mayde Tea
chamomile / rose / lavender / passionflower

Southern Swan Lavender Sphagni Balm


Lemon Myrtle

restorative - nourishing - strengthening - support

Restore Mayde Tea
lemon myrtle / hibiscus / echinacea / marshmallow leaves / rosehip

Radiance Orchard Street Elixir Powder
goji, acai, camu camu, silica, nettle, horsetail, noni, rosehip


Cacao + Sandalwood

cultivating - reverent - warming - sense of ritual

Cacao Cinnamon Spice by Mayde Tea and Pana Chocolate
cacao nibs / cinnamon / ginger / honeybush

Lovers Orchard Street Elixir Powder
maca, damiana, tribulus, passionflower, shatavari, he shou wu, horny goat weed, pine pollen

Southern Swan Sandalwood Sphagni Balm



uplifted - bright - energy - clarity

Energise Mayde Tea
lemongrass, papaya pieces, cinnamon and ginger

Vitality Orchard Street Elixir Powder
lion's mane, brahmi, ginkgo, gotu kola, panax ginseng, siberian ginseng

Southern Swan Citrus Sphagni Balm

Australian Bush Flower Essence - Joy Blend

Weleda Citrus Refreshing Bath Milk




Three Yoga Classes with Amanda George at Bright & Balanced Living

Bliss Orchard Street Elixir Powder
tulsi, astragalus, siberian ginseng, ashwagandha, shilajit, brahmi, rehmannia



90 minute Whole Body Relaxation Massage with Sofia Nyman at Bright & Balanced Living

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Oil



Rebozo Ceremony with Jess Miller at Bright & Balanced Living

Southern Swan Rose Sphagni Balm


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