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Spring Cleanse with Naturopath Sarah Mann

  • Bright & Balanced Living Unit 3/22 Govetts Leap Road Blackheath Australia (map)

Preparation for Spring Cleanse has begun!

Join us this year for Bright & Balanced Living’s annual Spring Cleanse with Naturopath Sarah Mann.

“It was unlike any program I had done before….I finished feeling deeply nourished on many levels, and emotionally and physically healthier than I'd felt in a long time.” SD

This Cleanse is an ode to Spring. To the beautiful budding energy emerging. It is an opportunity to join forces with nature for renewal and a fresh, clean start. It is not a rigid regime designed to make you feel forever unclean! But a beautiful opportunity to stop, slow down and come back to your self.

We wholeheartedly believe

  • in marking the change of seasons with a wholesome, intentional process

  • in preventative healthcare

  • in wholesome nourishment

  • that there is nothing wrong or broken about you that means you need to scrub your insides forever!

  • that we do have pressures on our bodies and minds from environmental, social and industrial stress and exposure

  • that it is healthy to have a break

  • in the benefits of having a personal practice to hold true to

  • that an effective way to make changes to our health is with support

  • that cleanses have helped us personally to clear our minds, reclaim our taste buds, resolve cravings, free our energy, and have paved the way for inner change

  • that cleanses leave us energised and free to do what we’re here to do

So many reasons to jump in!

To receive your free taste of Spring Cleanse
click here ~

What is it?

Spring Cleanse is a 21 day program designed by Naturopath Sarah Mann, to gently and deeply cleanse your body, replenish energy levels, reset patterns and foster sustainable self care. We do this by significantly increasing your nutritional intake and hydration with dietary inclusions, exclusions, meal plans and education, incorporating medicinal herbs into your days and providing you with practices that foster wellbeing. Spring cleanse is designed to support you onto a trajectory of good health.

“I felt cared for, listened to and inspired. Sarah’s professional advice has helped me make lasting changes.” EE

When is it?

Pre cleanse initial consults begin Monday the 26th of August for the Spring Cleanse beginning Sunday September the 1st until Sunday September the 15th. With post Cleanse consults the week of the 16th of September.

What does it include?

Beyond all the personal benefits of the Spring Cleanse, the program includes

  • An initial 90 minute naturopathic consultation

  • 3 check ins throughout the cleanse on Day 2, Day 7 and Day 12, to help you track your progress and overcome any obstacles that may come

  • A 60 minute naturopathic follow up consultation after the cleanse to acknowledge all you have achieved, and support you onwards

  • 14 days of Naturopathically designed and formulated meal plans in an easy, kitchen friendly book

  • 14 days of wholesome recipes

  • 14 days of practices to support your cleanse

  • A medicinal herbal tea and/or tincture blend formulated individually to support your cleanse and unique health goals

  • Weleda Birch Juice, a cleansing tonic for enhancing detoxification and reenergising in early Spring

“Sarah's Cleanse program is sensitive to your health needs and thoughtfully put together. It was unlike any program I had done before, in terms of the level of care that had gone into it.” SD

All valued at $475

Early bird price $375!
(offer finishes Friday 16th of August)

~ Payment plans available ~

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 10.32.45 pm.png
  • Your initial consultation ~ 90 minutes

This is our deep dive into your health concerns and goals. This is your opportunity to tell me your story, what is happening currently and to tell me your health history. I will ask you questions about your symptoms, feelings, body systems, lifestyle and how you nourish your body. I weave together my knowledge, experience and understanding to build a picture and create links between your biography, constitution, lifestyle and your current health. We’ll incorporate your individual health goals into the Cleanse and get you ready to begin.

  • Check ins

This is our opportunity to touch base and discuss any questions you may have, and talk through anything coming up for you. These are scheduled 15 minute phone calls, though can be face to face at the clinic if preferred. These are valuable touchstones for your cleansing work.

  • Follow up Consultation - 60 minutes

Your follow up consultation is our time to share your experiences of the cleanse and celebrate your achievements. We map out a plan for your road forward, to continue to nourish the seeds you’ve planted for your health.

There are so many reasons to join Spring Cleanse!

AND we encourage you to jump in with a friend or partner! You will have full Naturopathic support along the way yes, but there is nothing like having your dearest pals or loved ones alongside you, all in it together.

We highly recommend gathering a team of your nearest and dearests to reach these beautiful goals together, share and support each other, and cleanse together. Friends are anchors, and if they’re good friends you can hold each other accountable and steady along the way.

We are stronger together (and have lots of fun!)

Because we highly recommend Spring Cleanse with pals, we are offering discounts for friends, couples and groups

Earlybird friendship bundles
(offer finishes Friday 16th of August!)

Join with a friend or partner and pay just $325 each
(save $100 between you!)

Join with a group of 3 and pay just $315 each
(save $60 each!)

Join with a group of 4 or more and pay just $300 each
(save $75 each!)

This Cleanse is beneficial for people

  • with fatigue, feeling depleted, burnt out, low in energy

  • foggy mind, memory loss, busy mind,

  • food cravings and addictions that are hard to shift

  • with skin issues, acne, oily skin, dry skin, dull skin

  • body odour, bad breath

  • food intolerances, ongoing digestive symptoms like bloating and pain

  • intestinal parasites, dysbiosis, candida

  • recurrent illness, colds, flus, infections, sinusitis

  • feeling stuck in life, unable to connect with your self or your purpose

  • feeling uninspired with food and health

  • nutrient deficiencies

Once you have purchased this Cleanse you will own it forever, and can repeat it again and again as you feel too.

“For the past week I’ve been using large sections of your program to help me focus my mind and body to the clarity needed to study and thrive at the same time, so thanks again as that little book is something I go to time and time again.” EE

We would love to support you naturopathically to harness this Spring energy and make inner and outer changes to your health and vitality. And, we would love to support you in a way that is individually tailored to you, and focusses on your strengths and goals.

To join the 2019 Bright & Balanced Living Spring Cleanse click here to book online

or click here to contact Sarah with any questions you may have!

We look forward to having you with us



  • I live far away! Can I still participate?

Yes! Many people join in from around Australia and overseas. Consultations are held together over Skype or phone, and your Spring Cleanse goodies will be sent to you. Face to face is always best, but long distance is just as good, and it’s wonderful to have many people joining in from far away. You’re most welcome to join.

  • I am vegan, is this a vegan friendly program?

Yes! The majority or recipes are vegan or vegetarian, and a Vegan option is always given for each recipe if needed. It is also gluten free friendly.

  • What are the payment plan options?

A payment plan is possible in fortnightly or weekly payments throughout August. Your individual payment plan will depend on your chosen early bird, friendship bundle or full price option. Feel free to be in touch with Sarah to arrange your unique payment plan.

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