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Naturopathic Medicine

This is a system of healing knowledge weaving ancient philosophy & modern wisdom via a collection of therapies that aims to guide your body & being towards its inherent power to heal itself. Naturopathic medicine shines with its ability to address the here and now of your health and wellbeing concerns, and plants a boundless horizon for preventative health.

Herbal Medicine

Botanical blends containing whole plant intelligence are called upon for their innate therapeutic value & restorative actions. Specific prescriptions are expertly dispensed for any occasion that may arise within consultation.

Nutritional Medicine

Encouraging positive relationships & awareness around Nutrition & drawing mindfulness towards a often disregarded habitual motion. With a focus on healing with whole foods, & the ethos of food as medicine as our primary tools, we compliment this with nutritional supplementation when beneficial. What we choose to nourish ourselves with is a greater opportunity to empower our own health.

We are whole beings, we are complex multifaceted spirits. Acknowledging that health is far deeper than the representation of a physical symptom attunes us to a greater picture, this greater picture is energetic. Energetic medicines are made with a force of nature, whether they be plant, flower, or gem derived these are a vibrational imprint of the matter. They are made with the purest intention, and the information delivering the healing properties of the plant or gem is intuitively collected for our creative power. The essences effect a shift in consciousness, and each person may experience the effects differently. They are a wonderful subtle support system and the more you tune into your own awareness the easier it is to recognize the effect of utilising essences to heal.

Energetic Medicine

Guiding to empowering choices around quality sleep, clean living, optimal life balance, oneness with nature, & beneficial meditative practices. Surrounding yourself with the simplistic pleasures of life, so you can be in the flow and find the gold.

Wellness & Lifestyle Guidance


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Erin Lovell Verinder

B Herbal Medicine, AdvDip Nutritional Medicine, Dip Energetic Healing


Sarah Mann

AssocDegClinSci, AdvDipNat, mNHAA

Katey Rolleston

B Naturopathy, AdvDip Nutritional Medicine, Dip Remedial Massage, DipSportsTherapy