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Naturopathic Medicine

This is a system of healing knowledge weaving ancient philosophy & modern wisdom via a collection of therapies that aims to guide your body & being towards its inherent power to heal. Naturopathic medicine shines with its ability to address the here and now of your health and wellbeing concerns holistically, and provides a boundless horizon for preventative health.

Herbal Medicine

Medicinal botanical blends are called upon for their innate therapeutic value & restorative actions. Specific prescriptions are expertly dispensed to suit your unique presentation and visions of health. 

Nutritional Medicine

Encouraging positive relationships & awareness around Nutrition & drawing mindfulness towards a often disregarded habitual motion. With a focus on healing with whole foods, & the ethos of food as medicine as our primary tools, we compliment this with nutritional supplementation when beneficial. What we choose to nourish ourselves with is a greater opportunity to empower our own health.

As human beings, like the universe itself we are richly detailed and multifaceted. Acknowledging that the origin of health begins farther than our physical bodies attunes us to a greater picture. Homeopathic medicines are made with a substance of nature, whether they be mineral, plant or flower, which is then potentised to deliver the energetic representation of the physical substance.  These medicines are used to draw in and harmonise the forces of health and vitality.

Homeopathic Medicine

Personalised and engaging guidance of self care, quality sleep, clean living, optimal life balance, oneness with nature & therapeutic meditative practices. We engage with our process of healing and infuse life with our warmth and rhythm.

Wellness & Lifestyle Guidance